Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between stress and anxiety, despite them often resulting in some of the same symptoms.

Stress, unlike anxiety, is a response to daily pressures.  These pressures, in turn, cause adrenaline to be released, which then can lead to depression, raised blood pressure and other negative health related side effects (such as headaches, migraines or stomach problems).  Some sufferers feel totally overwhelmed and find decision making difficult.  They may experience trouble sleeping due to constant worrying or overthinking and this can affect their general enjoyment of life.

Living in the modern world can be very pressurized at times, yet many of us fail to step back and take the time we need to invest in ourselves to maintain a healthy body and mind.  Through a combination of deep relaxation and advanced hypnotic techniques, RD Hypnotherapy can help you to regain your inner calm and peaceful state of mind.

Anxiety is among the many adverse effects of stress; it is the process during which a person experiences feelings of unease, worry or fear of what may happen.  Unlike stress, anxiety persists even after the issues that caused the initial stress have gone.  Problems with anxiety are extremely common and many people will suffer from either mild or severe anxiety issues at some point in their lives.

The symptoms of anxiety are varied and can include (although are not limited to) nausea, tension, insomnia, excessive sweating, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, trembling, palpitations, headaches or even just general irritability.   A severe anxiety sufferer may also experience full blown panic attacks. Excessive anxiety can also lead to depression, but the good news is, it is manageable.

Hypnotherapy can help you to learn to deal with and manage your anxiety yourself, enabling you to reduce the effects and understand the underlying issues surrounding your condition.


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