Most people experience sleepless nights from time to time, but when this happens night after night, it can affect your health and well-being. We all know sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or getting rid of dark, under-eye circles.

A good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can benefit many areas including your heart, weight and mind. So, if something has upset your ability to sleep then hypnotherapy could be the solution for you.
There are many reasons why we cannot sleep. It may be that you find it difficult to switch off; or maybe something in your life has caused you to worry and become anxious – in the middle of the night problems can also seem so much worse than they really are. It could be that you worry that you won't be able to sleep, and subsequently get yourself into a state of anxiety that prevents you from falling asleep. Depression, stress, varying shift patterns, children, pain or illness – they are all common reasons for lack of sleep. When you are tired, it isn’t as easy to deal with life and so you can find yourself in a vicious cycle.

Everyone will have their own personal reason for not sleeping. Hypnotherapy can be used to address the root cause of the problem, allowing you to relax both your body and your mind. It can enable you to take back control and retrain your mind into relaxing easily to bring back a regular sleep pattern.


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