Fears and phobias can be extremely debilitating.  For many who experience them, just thinking about the feared object or situation may result in feelings of panic and acute anxiety; and exposure to this fear could lead to an uncontrollable and highly traumatic response.  However, whatever the cause, it is possible be set free from your fear and gain back control of your life.

Some of the most common phobias include fear of heights, fear of open or enclosed spaces, fear of lifts, fear of the dentist, fear of flying, fear of spiders, snakes or needles, to name but a few.

Phobias are usually learned from a one-time experience, often a childhood event, quite possibly an event that consciously you may not even remember.  The originating event may or may not have been particularly traumatic at the time and could also stem from witnessing a parent (or another authority figure) react negatively to the feared object or situation.  In some instances, phobias can also occur spontaneously following the death of someone close or during periods of extreme stress.  This proves that our brains learn associations very quickly; so, if that is the case, it is also possible that our brains can relearn new associations just as easily.  This doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process and the advanced hypnotic techniques used by RD Hypnotherapy could be the quick, effective solution you have been looking for.

Commonly, your phobia will be an intense fear of something that presents little or no real danger in everyday life. Even if the reaction to your fear may seem irrational to others, your subconscious mind behaves in the way that it perceives is best to protect you. Hypnotherapy works by accessing the underlying cause of the phobia and eliminating your conditioned response. You then relearn your behaviour, so you can regain control and respond in a rational and appropriate way when faced with it in the future.

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