Louise, East Yorkshire                                                Anxiety/Autism

My family came to Rebecca almost 3 years ago. Our son has a number of neurological issues. Autism, sensory processing, dyspraxia, dyslexia and auditory issues. He is the most amazing young man. He is very intelligent but very aware of the spaces in life he struggles and has overwhelming anxiety which often resulted in “meltdowns”. Anyone who has experienced a meltdown moment knows they are unpredictable, scary and have at times lasting impact for the individual and those watching. Our son was due to sit exams in year 10. It was a RE exams which didn’t sit well with his scientific mind. His mock exam in old terms scored him a F. This made the anxiety worse. I had experienced hypnotherapy myself and I had heard it could help autistic people and WOW it absolutely blew us away. What made Rebecca different? Well, she explained the science. She understood what our son needed to understand to get the most out of the sessions. Every week he had a session. The teachers were amazed. He practised the techniques taught to him every day. He still does! Year 10 exam came and his result was as a result of a team effort one which Rebecca was at the heart of. He scored an A!! There were many tears from staff and us. We couldn’t recommend this to any parent or student enough. Overcoming debilitating anxiety with hypnotherapy helped our son achieve his true potential. Roll on to Year 11 and Joshua had some sessions earlier in the year and kept up with the techniques and his scores were amazing. A*s, A’s and B’s. He is now off to fulfil his dream for a career in science. We will be back to Rebecca. She has profoundly changed the lives in our family and without doubt we would be on a different course without her outstanding skills. Thank you will never be enough.