Below are a few genuine examples of client feedback following sessions at RD Hypnotherapy.  It's always great to hear of the positive impact hypnotherapy can have and how it can bring about powerful changes.  Perhaps you're experiencing similar challenges, I'd love to help you overcome them too.  

Paul, East Yorkshire

Having been diagnosed with PTSD by my doctor I suffered from Severe Anxiety and depression. The condition was debilitating and affected my everyday life. I decided to try hypnotherapy as a last ditch effort.  I contacted Rebecca after researching online, and an initial consultation at which I found it to be informative and hopeful.  Rebecca instilled that confidence and I began a course of therapy.  I began to allay my fears and to realise the good forces in my life.  Throughout my therapy Rebecca was professional, and caring.  Despite my scepticism she  found a way to help me. I now feel confident and forward thinking, life now feels good! 

Michelle, Pontefract

I went to see Rebecca as I was feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed for many different reasons with my life in general. I wasn’t happy and something needed to change. Even after the initial consultation I started to feel better and ready to start to make changes to improve my life. We talked about what hypnotherapy was and how it could help me. I decided to book in for stress relief therapy the following week. What can I say? It was worth every penny! After just one ’hypnotic’ session I felt ready and motivated to make the changes to my life that were going to lead to me feeling happy again. For the first time in years everything became so much clearer to me. I knew many of the decisions I needed to make were tough ones, but I felt ready and confident enough to make them. Even though it hasn’t been easy, I’m finally making those changes and starting to love life all over again. I would highly recommend Rebecca and can’t thank her enough for the help she has given me.

Kay, West Yorkshire

I have been delighted with my progress on the Hypnoslimmer programme with Rebecca. I have found it really easy to follow the simple rules. I am thrilled with how much slimmer I have become even in just 5 weeks. I know this is just the beginning and the start of a new, much healthier relationship with food, which will stay with me forever and I am confident that I will continue to reduce in size to achieve the new slimmer me and maintain this new healthy life-style. The programme has been excellent and it has had the added benefit of increasing my self-confidence. I would definitely recommend the programme and Rebecca to all my friends who would like to become slimmer. 

Melissa, Selby

A friend of mine suggested that I try hypnotherapy to help with my focus and motivation relating to work.  I am self-employed and based from home so these are extremely important traits for me.  I didn’t feel an immediate benefit from the first session, but each session that I had with Rebecca I noticed natural adjustments and improvements in my behaviour.  The self-hypnosis techniques that I was taught also help to maintain these positive feelings.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rebecca, she is very professional and easy to work with.

Vicki, Selby

Having experienced 2 previous traumatic births, as my 3rd pregnancy progressed, I felt increasingly worried and anxious about the forthcoming labour.  I visited Rebecca for hypnobirthing sessions in the hope that it would help me to manage this anxiety.

Straight away I was amazed at how relaxed Rebecca made me feel.  During the sessions, Rebecca taught me many different techniques to use once labour started, as well as working with me to get rid of the fear and tension I felt.  Right from the very first session, I began to feel a lot more relaxed about the birth and rather than dreading the labour, I looked forward to it and felt more and more positive as each day went by.  The recordings Rebecca provided were great and allowed me to listen and practise every day at home.  

The session we had with my birthing partner was also extremely useful as it helped him to understand what he needed to do during the labour and dealt with the anxieties he also felt about the upcoming birth.

I can honestly say that my labour was a far more positive and calm experience due to my hypnobirthing classes with Rebecca.  I did have complications again right at the end of the birth, there was nothing anyone could’ve done to prevent this, however, even during this time I managed not to panic, remained relaxed and got through it with just gas and air and the techniques Rebecca had taught me.  From start to finish the labour and birth lasted just over 6 hours (quicker than my previous 2 experiences).  The midwife afterwards even commentated at how 'calm and in control' I was the whole time.

I would most definitely recommend Rebecca to anyone who has worries or fears over childbirth and am so happy I decided to take the course.

Sheila, Snaith

Never having done anything like this before, I was quite apprehensive.  On first talking to Rebecca all my fears went away.  I think it was how nice and how special she made me feel.  The way Rebecca gathered information about me and my life without really realising what was happening it was remarkable.  As the weeks went by these facts appeared in the sessions and it was wonderful.  The experiences I felt during the sessions were unbelievable and and I came away on top of the world.  I hope this continues and I am determined it will!  

I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who needs help as she is a kind and helpful person who I wouldn't hesitate to contact if I needed help in the future. 

Ali, Howden

I have had around five sessions with Rebecca, and, without sounding too over the top, I can honestly say that it has, and is continuing to change my approach to the stresses and strains of everyday life.  These sessions have also helped me to deal with issues brought about by past experiences that occasionally impinged on my life today.  I would like to say that Rebecca is a lovely lady and very easy to talk to. I have been able to be very open with her and never felt silly or embarrassed to say things that did bother me. I do approach life in a calmer way and feel great.  Thank you Rebecca.

Flor, Selby

I visited RDHypnotherapy for help with anxiety and self confidence, which had been a problem for some time.  At the initial consultation, we discussed my issues, I had been wondering how the hypnosis would work, however Rebecca was happy to answer any questions I had and explained everything clearly at the outset so I knew what to expect. I found the hypnosis process very relaxing and began to notice a difference almost straight away.  Since attending my sessions, I have noticed a huge change in my outlook – I had a big event the following week, which I was able to approach with a new relaxed frame of mind, and I am feeling much more confident with a wide range of situations which I used to find overwhelming.

Open your mind to the possibility of this helping you – it certainly did for me.  Highly recommended!

Gemma, Selby

I went to Rebecca to help build my confidence for the new business I was starting. Her approach, manner and professionalism were second to none and the benefits and results I got from my sessions with her were fantastic! Rebecca puts you at great ease from the start of your initial consultation, right through to each hypnosis session. I continue to have regular hypnosis sessions with Rebecca and feel the benefits lasting longer and longer each time. I can't recommend her enough, she's truly wonderful and a natural at her job. Many thanks Rebecca.

Charlie, South Milford

I went to see Rebecca to get help to quit smoking. I had been smoking around 15 cigarettes a day for over 20 years and had tried on numerous occasions to stop. Smoking was having a detrimental impact on my health not to mention the anti-social aspects whenever I was out with friends or family. I was recommended to speak with Rebecca at RD Hypnotherapy by a friend who suggested I consider hypnotherapy as a more effective long term solution, nothing else having worked for long previously.

To be honest I was a bit sceptical but I am so glad I did it!  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I am so grateful to Rebecca for helping me quit.  I haven’t smoked now for over 3 months and I have no desire to start again.  My sense of taste has made a welcome return and I generally feel so much better in many ways.  I certainly don’t miss standing outside on my own having a cigarette when my friends are all inside!  I’ve also started to realise how much money I was spending which amounted to nearly £2000 a year so I’m better off financially too. 

I would gladly recommend RD Hypnotherapy if you are serious about quitting smoking.

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