Time to Talk Day 2018

February 1st  was 'Time to Talk Day 2018' - a day that's being promoted as a chance for us all to be more open about our mental health.   Mental health problems can affect any of us yet still people are afraid to talk about it.  As a hypnotherapist I see first hand how underlying issues can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life, health and general well being of my clients.  

So find some time today to talk, ask your friends, family or work colleagues how they are and let's remove the barriers and encourage people to talk about their issues. Maybe you can open up yourself or maybe you can just be a good listener.…/time-talk-day-2018


Thursday 18th May 2017

What a week it has been for Vassos Alexander, Sports Presenter on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show (BBC Radio 2)!

Vassos has a terrible snake phobia, so Chris arranged for him to have a course of hypnotherapy to help him to overcome his fears.   Chris has been raising awareness about the benefits of hypnotherapy all week and today was the day that Vassos came face to face with his nemesis, live on Radio 2.

The results were amazing, as you will see for yourself when you watch the clip, demonstrating just how powerful hypnotherapy can be.

The truth is, of course, that it isn't just a snake phobia you can overcome through hypnotherapy. Whatever your fear: flying, open spaces, heights, clowns, dogs, spiders, insects, needles, crowds (the list is endless), hypnotherapy could be the solution for you.